Lavaris Lake Pond Maintenance Products

Teichquerschnitt Lavaris Lake Produkte

1 - AlgoClear* (liquid)
Immediate remedy for algae
Blocks photosynthesis and hinders light absorption with the triple-duty active component Spektro-Sorp®, preventing blue-green algae bloom and reducing algae growth.

2 - AlgoLon * (Powder)
Fights excessive thread algae infestation
Destroys the algae with active oxygen.

3 - SeDox (Powder)
Combats excessive phosphate
Bonds dissolved phosphate to apatite, depriving the algae of nutrients; active oxygen greatly increases nitrogen decomposition; sustained effectiveness for 6 – 8 weeks; 100 % bio-compatibility.

4 - OptiLake (Powder)
Improves water quality
A basic care product that improves the habitat of plants and animals by stabilizing the water values (pH/KH), and helps to fight excess heavy metals and ammonia poisoning; absolutely essential when using rain water.

5 - SiltEx (Powder, 2-component mixture)
Fights sludge deposits
Sustainable reduction of sludge deposits; doubly effective in combating decay and formation of hazardous gas due to the microorganisms contained in the product; optimum for biotopes.

6 - OxyActive (Powder)
For oxygen deficiency
Immediately regulates the oxygen content of the water and remedies any deficiencies that have occurred.

7 - ClearLake (Powder)
Combats water pollutants
Natural microorganisms that decompose leftover feed, animal excrement, etc. aid in maintaining and revitalizing the biological equilibrium.

8 - AquaFloraEnergen (liquid)
Enhances plant growth
Provides essential macronutrients and trace elements that can be absorbed immediately, resulting in optimum plant growth and brilliant colors; contains no phosphates.

9 - pH-Minus (liquid)
Quickly reduces high (alkaline) pH-values
Immediate remedy for ammonia poisoning and CO2 deficiency.


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