pH-Minus - immediate reduction of the pH-value

pH-Minus - immediate reduction of the pH-value


pH-Minus quickly brings down a high (alkaline) pH-value (above 8.5) in ornamental ponds and biotopes, and provides immediate help in cases of acute ammonia poisoning and CO2 deficiency. An increased pH-value can cause the fish to display apathetic behaviour. Insufficient plant growth in the pond is characteristic of a CO2 deficiency. In addition, pH-Minus increases the effectiveness of AlgoClear in water displaying high pH-levels. If used before OptiLake , pH-Minus also reinforces the efficiency of the former.



pH-Minus lowers the pH-value of alkaline water. It acts particularly fast and efficiently. Lowering the pH-value eliminates acute ammonia poisoning. Not only is the plants' CO2 deficiency remedied, but the plants are also better able to absorb the other nutrients. All this promotes faster growth of the plants. With the help of pH-Minus, the fish are able to breathe better, and both their appetite and their general well-being improve.


a) Method of Application
One part of pH-Minus should be diluted with 20 parts water. This solution is to be introduced evenly throughout the pond, while avoiding any direct contact with plants or animals. During treatment with pH-Minus, the filter systems and other equipment may remain in operation.

b) Dosage
Prior to treatment with pH-Minus, the pH-value should be checked with the Lavaris Lake pH-test in the AquaCheck-Set, preferably before sunset.
• If pH > 9.0:
250 ml of pH-Minus per 1000 ltr (1 cubic metre) of pond water
• If pH 8.5 – 9.0:
100 ml of pH-Minus per 1000 ltr (1 cubic metre) of pond water
• The pH-value is to be checked again after about half an hour. If it is still above 8.5, another dose of 100 ml of pH-Minus per 1000 ltr (1 cubic metre) of pond water should be added. The pH-test from the Lavaris Lake AquaCheck-Set allows you to determine the precise dose of pH-Minus required.

c) Ideal Time of Application
Whenever the pH-value is above 9.0 in the evening, which is predominantly the case during spring and summer, in warm weather, and in case of an algae bloom.


a) Interactions with Other Products
From the Lavaris Lake product range:
pH-Minus reaches its full potential in any combination with other Lavaris Lake products. In order to ensure the full effectiveness of the Lavaris Lake products in powder form, pH-Minus should always be used before the other powder products.
Other pond treatments: To our knowledge there is no interaction with other pond treatments

b)Diminished Effect
pH-Minus is a product which lowers the pH-value. Its effect is immediate, but it does not stabilize the pH-value in the long term. If the underlying cause of a long-term increase in pH-value (e.g. algae bloom) is not dealt with, the pH-value can quickly rise above 9.0 again. In this case, pH-Minus should be combined with AlgoClear from the Lavaris Lake product range. Once the algae are under control and the pH-value is brought down, the water should be stabilized by using OptiLake. Certain materials (concrete, cement, natural stone, etc.) can also increase the pH-value in the long term. In this case, pH-Minus cannot achieve lasting results because lye is constantly released from the concrete or cement into the water – sometimes for many years. After treatment with pH-Minus, it is safe to use the water for your garden plants.

c) Contra-indications
pH-Minus may not be used in water that has an acidic pH-value (below 7.0)!

d)Effect on Pond Life
In the recommended dose and in its diluted form, pH-Minus is safe for humans, animals, and plants. Fish and other pond life may remain in the water during treatment.

e) Caution
If a second treatment with pH-Minus becomes necessary, the carbonate hardness (KH) may be depleted, which results in an increase in acids. Please use the Lavaris Lake KH-test from the AquaCheck-Set to check the KH-value. In order to stabilize the pH-value and increase the KH-value, use OptiLakefrom the Lavaris Lake product range.

pH-Minus may only be stored and transported in the original container. We do not assume any liability for damage that may occur when it is transferred to a different container!


pH-Minus is available in the following packaging units: 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 50 ltr, 100 ltr.
Store in a cool, dry place; protect from frost.